A complete fence post repair kit

Made from 5mm galvanized steel our fence post repair supports are strong, rust resistant and designed to last. CE Marked and tested to BS EN 845-1:2008, they have been designed in accordance with The Building Regulations.

Every garden is different so we offer two choices of support bracket for your fence post repair...

Our “hammer-in” option uses a straight leg support that is forced into hard ground and uses the compacted earth as an anchor to support your fence post.

Our “concrete-in” option uses an angled leg set in concrete and is our recommended installation method for soft ground. The strength and weight of the concrete holds securely holds the support in place.

fence post repair options


What makes our fence post repair supports great?

Easy to Install

Hammer in or Concrete in, the choice is yours!

Strong and Rust Resistant

Made from rust resistant galvanized steel for strength and longevity.

Supports Various Sizes of Posts

Can be used on the most common fence post sizes from 50mm wide upwards!

Certified and Tested

Made in the UK. CE Marked and tested to BS EN 845-1:2008.

Hammer-in Installation

How to install our hammer-in fence post repair support.

Step 1

Straighten post

installation step 1

Step 2


installation step 2

Step 3

Screw to post

installation step 3

Concrete-in Installation

How to install our concrete-in fence post repair support.

Step 1

Straighten post

installation step 1

Step 2

Dig hole for support

installation step 2 concrete

Step 3

Screw to post

installation step 3 concrete

Step 4

Fill hole with concrete

installation step 4 concrete


How to install our fence post repair supports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our top questions and answers to help you pick the right fence post repair support!

Our HAMMER-IN support is best for hard, compacted soil where you can use force to drive the support into the ground.

Our CONCRETE-IN support (recommended) is best for soft soil or fence posts that are in bad shape. You simply dig a hole next to the fence post, sit the support in it and back-fill with concrete.

Full intructions come with every support sold.

Typical fence posts range from 50mm – 100mm wide. There’s no upper limit to what size of fence post can be supported but you need to consider your individual circumstances, such as how wobbly your fence post is or how exposed it is to wind.

Understandably the bigger (in width and height) the fence post the more strain on the support. Therefore you may need to install more than one support on a single post, this can be done on any side.

Yes, they’re made from galvanized steel. Galvanization or galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting.

Absolutely, you should see a little padlock icon next to our web address. This shows we have a SSL certificate installed, ensuring your interaction with our website is encrypted.

We don’t process any payments here either, we use our payment partners who have their own security protocols too so you’re in safe hands.

We hope you don’t need to return a fence post repair support to us, but if you do then you’ll be happy to know we follow the law on pertaining to consumer contracts.

Your right to cancel an order starts from the moment you place your order, and doesn’t end until seven working days from the day after you receive your goods.

Seven days is the minimum legal cancellation period. You then have 14 days to return the items at your own expense.

Please notify us before returning an item for the correct returns address. We always recommend sending items with tracking.

Returned items must un-used and in their original packaging.


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  • 2 x HAMMER-IN Supports

    £24.00 / inc VAT

  • Hammer-in support
  • Stainless steel fixing screws
  • NO Concrete Required
  • 2 x CONCRETE-IN Supports

    £24.00 / inc VAT

  • Concrete-in support
  • Stainless steel fixing screws
  • Concrete required

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